ISRI Scrap Specifications Circular (updated)

18 SCRAP SPECIFICATIONS CIRCULAR 2022 Guidelines for Nonferrous Scrap Copyright © 2022 Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. Due to the high values and the constantly changing character of precious metal scrap, it is often the practice in the industry to require a sample to be submitted before giving refining schedules. I. Scrap Sources REFINED SILVER METAL — 99.9 MIN. PERCENT Silver-bearing materials: Anodes Assemblies— Electrical Batteries Silver/Copper Plated Silver/Cadmium Silver/Zinc Silver/Mag- nesium Blanking Scrap—Punchings Brazing Alloys Brushes— Electric Motors Bullion Chemical Salts Clad Bi-Metal Parts Coin Silver Contacts Dental Amalgam Films Industrial X-Ray Medical X-Ray Lithographic Photographic Negatives Filters—Plating Flake—From Hypo Solution Recovery Systems Hooks—Plating—Nodules Jewelry Sweeps Paints— Paste Paper– Reproduction Plated Parts—Electrical— Electronic Plated Serving Pieces Plated Utensils Plated Wire Powders—Granulated Punchouts Relays— Electrical Resins Silver Lined Bearings—Diesel Locomotives and Aircraft Sludges—Plating and Precipi- tates Solutions—Plating Sterling Silver Tin Lead Alloys—Contami- nated Turnings Wave Guides Wiping Rags REFINED GOLD METAL — 99.5 MIN. PERCENT REFINED GOLD SPONGE — 99.5 MIN. PERCENT Gold-bearing materials: Brazing Alloys Clad Metal Parts Contacts Dental Alloys Dental Scrap Dental Sweeps and Grindings Diodes Filled Scrap Filters–Plating Flakes Flashings Foil Hooks—Plating— NodulesJewelry Scrap Jewelry Sweeps and Grindings Paints and Paste Peelings Placer Gold Plated Parts—Electrical PlatedWire Powders Printed Circuit Boards Printed Circuit Boards with Components Punchouts Resins—Plating Salts—Chemical Sludges—Plating Solutions Sponge Tin Lead Alloys— Contaminated Transistors Wiping Rags Wire REFINED PALLADIUM METAL—99.9 MIN. PERCENT REFINED PALLADIUM SPONGE— 99.9 MIN. Palladium-bearing materials: Catalysts Chemical Salts Clad Materials Contact Points Dental Alloys Dental Scraps Dental Sweeps Jewelry Scrap (Sweeps) Paste Plated Parts Powders Relays—Electrical Sludges Solutions Wire REFINED PLATINUM METAL—99.9 MIN. PERCENT REFINED PLATINUM SPONGE— 99.9 MIN. PERCENT Platinum-bearing materials: Catalysts Chemicals Clad Materials Contacts Dental Alloys Dental Scrap Dental Sweeps, Grindings Jewelry Scrap Jewelry Sweeps Laboratory Ware Magneto Points Powders and Paste Solutions—Plating Spark Plugs—Aircraft ThermocoupleWire Scrap containing combina- tions of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium): Assemblies— Components Bullion Carbon Catalysts Chemicals Chips Drillings Electronic Scrap High Temperature Resistant Alloys Paints Paste Powders Relays—Electrical Resins Ribbons Rings Salts Solutions Sweeps Telephone Switching Scrap Thick Film Wire II. SCRAP CATEGORIES A. Solution 1. Acid 2. Basic 3. Matrix if known B. Resin C. Sludges D. Burnable Material 1. Carbon 2. Filters 3. Film 4. Papers 5. Unprepared Sweeps 6. Others E. Sweeps (Prepared) F. Printed Circuit Board 1. Punch Outs 2. Non Assembled 3. Assembled G. Glass to Metal Tubes, etc. 1. Solid Precious Metal Parts 2. Alloyed Metal Parts 3. Plated Metal Parts 4. Ceramics 5. Thick Film 6. Other... H. Metal Scrap I. Non-Magnetic 1. Impure Gold 2. Impure Silver 3. Copper Base 4. Aluminum Base 5. Brass Base 6. Bronze Base 7. Molybdenum Base 8. Beryllium Base 9. Lead Base 10. Tin Base 11. Other.... II. Magnetic 1. Kovar Base 2. Stainless Steel Base 3. Iron Base 4. Nickel Base 5. Other.... I. Catalyst 1. Carbon 2. Alumina 3. Rare Earth 4. Silica 5. Other