ISRI Scrap Specifications Circular (updated)

34 SCRAP SPECIFICATIONS CIRCULAR 2022 Guidelines for Paper Stock Copyright © 2022 Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. Glossary of Paper Stock Terms The following is a glossary of paper stock terms used within section VI, Grade Definitions, of the Guidelines for Paper Stock. These terms are not intended as a dictionary, but as a guide to help the Circular user better understand specific grade defini- tions as used in the recovered paper industry. ADHESIVES: Bonding substances that are non-water solu- ble are considered contaminants in pulp subs, groundwood and deinking grades. BEATER-DYED: Paper dyed or colored during the paper manufacturing process. BLEACHED: Paper that has been whitened by chemicals. BOARDS: Paperboard 0.006 inch or thicker. BOGUS: Paper of inferior quality to a standard grade. BOXBOARD: Paperboard made from a variety of recovered fibers having sufficient folding properties and thickness to be used to manufacture folding or set-up boxes. CHEMICAL WOOD-FIBER PULP: Generic for cellulose fiber isolated and purified by a chemical digestive process. CHIPBOARD: Uncoated, non-folding paperboard made from a variety of recovered papers, having sufficient strength and structural properties to be used to manufacture game boards, book covers, notebook backing and similar products. COATINGS: A layer of adhesives, clays, varnish or any bar- rier applied to paper. CONTAINERBOARD: Linerboard and corrugated medium used to manufacture shipping containers. CORES: Paper tubes on which rolls of paper may be wound for shipment. CORRUGATED CONTAINERS: Shipping containers made with kraft paper linerboard and corrugated medium. CUTTINGS: Paper stock by-product of paper converting operations. FILLER/FILLED: Denotes papers that have minerals (clays or other pigments) added for improving quality or color. FLYLEAF/SHAVINGS: Trim scrap from printing opera- tions. FREESHEET: Paper that contains less than 10% ground- wood fiber (synonym: groundwood-free). GROUNDWOOD: Paper made with fibers produced without chemical pulping. GILT: Metallic (gold or silver) inks used in printing. HOGGED: Paper that has been mechanically torn or ripped to reduce its original size. HOT-MELT: A type of glue or adhesive applied while hot/ warm. Considered a contaminant in some grades. IMPACT (PRINTING): A paper printing process that physi- cally applies ink to the paper surface. INSOLUABLE GLUES: Glues that won’t dissolve (break down) in water. JUTE: Strong, long-fibered pulp made from hemp. KRAFT: Paper made from sulfate pulp (synonyms: brown and strong). LAMINATED: Paper manufactured by fusing one or more layers of paper together. LINERBOARD: Outside layers of a combination board used to manufacture corrugated shipping containers. MANIFOLD: May denote continuous forms or business forms with several parts (may be interleaved with carbon paper or be carbonless papers). MEDIUM: The inner corrugated fluted material used to manufacture corrugated shipping containers. NON-IMPACT: Papers having printing images formed with- out impact. OFF-SHORE/ASIAN: Denotes corrugated shipping contain- ers manufactured overseas and containing bogus liners or medium. (Color is somewhat lighter/more yellow than North American produced materials). PAPERBOARD: Denotes paper products used for packag- ing (corrugated boxes, folding cartons, set-up boxes, etc.). ROTOGRAVURE: A paper printing (intaglio) process typi- cally used to create the highest quality of smoothness on coated and uncoated papers. Excess quantities are consid- ered an outthrow in grades #7, #8, and #9. SECTIONS: Unbound, unused printed material with full ink coverage. SHAVINGS: Trim from converting and bindery operations. SIGNATURES: A section of book obtained by folding a single sheet of printing paper. SLABBED: Type of paper stock normally generated by cut- ting rolls. SULFITE: Papers and boards made from pulps made from an acid process. SULPHATE: Papers and boards made from alkaline pro- cessed pulps. TEST LINER: Liners, which are the outer ply of any kind of paperboard, containing 100% recycled material. TMP: Thermomechanical pulp. TREATED: Paper manufactured with additives. TRIM: Cuttings of paper stock generated at converting or bindery operations which normally have little or no printing. ULTRA-VIOLET (UV) INKS/COATINGS: Papers having inks or coatings dried by utilizing an ultraviolet radiation method. Considered a contaminant in deinking grades. WET STRENGTH: Papers that have been treated with a moisture-resistant chemical that inhibits pulping.