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Recycling Indus try Yearbook

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.


Iron and steel scrap, also referred to as ferrous scrap, comes

from many consumer and industrial products such as

automobiles, steel structures, household appliances, railroad

tracks, ships,

farm equipment,

and other

sources. The

largest single

source of

obsolete ferrous

scrap in the

United States

is used vehicle

scrappage, which is closely related to new car sales. According

to figures from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, light

vehicle sales rose to more than 17.5 million units in 2016, the

highest annual level on record and a very positive indicator for

the future supply of obsolete ferrous scrap.

In addition to obsolete scrap, prompt scrap, which is generated

from the manufacturing process, accounts for approximately

half of the ferrous scrap supply.

Today, ferrous scrap is the most recycled material in the United

States and worldwide. In the United States alone, the U.S.

Geological Survey estimates that 65 million metric tons of iron

and steel scrap

were processed

in 2016.

Iron and Steel